Producer Profiles

OCCICAFE - Asociación de Productores de Café de Alta Calidad del Suroccidente del Huila

OCCICAFE, or the Asociación de Productores de Café de Alta Calidad del Suroccidente del Huila “OCCICAFE,” represents 244 coffee growing families in southwestern Huila, Colombia. Farmers here are very passionate about improving the quality of their coffee and devoted to sustainable practices, always applying the best standards on each of its processes with commitment, persistence and discipline. Farmers come from at least five different municipalities in the region –La Plata, Paicol, Thessaly, Nataga and La Argentina. The organization helps provide the skills and knowledge needed to increase yields and quality, and teaches producers how to run their farms like small businesses, aiming to increase their profitability and long-term sustainability. OCCICAFE helps producers organize into larger groups within their communities to reduce costs and ensure their coffee gets to market at the best time and at the best price, through the collection and sale of large volumes of high-quality certified coffee.


It is important to recognize the unique value in buying Fair Trade products. Fair Trade Certified Coffee is produced by small scale hardworking farmers who have a strong commitment to their environment and want to improve their livelihoods.  

Luis Gonzaga Ordoñez Camero, General Manager


Improvements in Production and Quality

Maintaining and increasing harvest and quality is one of the most critical tasks in coffee production. This occurs through the additional inputs such as fertilizers, and measuring plant nutrition.
Fertilization is necessary because the soils elements contain varying amounts and are sometimes not sufficient for adequate nutrition of plants. In order to produce high quality coffee, soil nutrition is essential.  

Due to this, the 70% of Fair Trade Social premium focuses mainly on support of farmers such as fertilization, purchase of agricultural inputs, machinery, tools and equipment for the coffee activity.