Producer Profiles

Nevado Roses

The Nevado Ecuador flower farm was founded in 1996. It is located in a traditional rose-cultivating region in Ecuador south of the capitol. The region is famous for the Cotopaxi volcano, the highest altitude, still-active volcano in the world. The Nevado Ecuador flower farm became Fair Trade Certified™ in 2002 in order to develop and improve the social and economic well being of workers and the community. Veriflora and Rainforest Alliance are other agencies that have certified Nevado Ecuador.
Roses are grown in the mountains in greenhouses to ensure maximum luminosity, which allows the flowers to grow faster. Large reservoirs nearby hydrate the roses in the greenhouses and promise a constant water supply. Nevado Ecuador produces 52 varieties of roses, including organic varieties.


Thanks to the educational scholarship program, I was able to keep my kids in school and give them everything they need to study: uniforms, enrollment fees, school supplies. In fact, I’ve also benefited from this project, because through it I was able to take a computer course!  

Carlota Garcia, Nevado Ecuador worker


Fair Trade Premium funds scholarships for flower workers' children

The workers of Nevado Ecuador have decided to use Fair Trade premiums to support workers’ children aged 17 to 20. The Nevado Ecuador education program provides scholarships for high school students and vouchers to help pay for school supplies, school registration and uniforms. Workers’ children agree that the financial support has helped them prepare for essential subjects including mathematics and English.

Flower Workers learn about organic farming through workshops

Starting in 2009, Nevado Ecuador’s workers decided to create experimental organic garden workshop projects for about 55 workers. Individuals are assigned to different parts of the garden, and each uses knowledge gained from the workshops to grow organic plants. To celebrate their accomplishments, they also sell their products in organic markets.

Joint Body uses FT Premium to pay for workers' therapy sessions

The Nevado Ecuador workers created a workshop titled “Escuela Para Padres,” or “School for Fathers.” After psychologists who visited the farm noticed that many workers needed psychological support for emotional issues, this workshop was created to teach all workers about the importance of their psychological well-being. In 2009, the Joint Body created grants for workers to receive six free therapy sessions.

Dental Clinic provides flower workers with on-site care

The workers of Nevado Ecuador have established a dental clinic at the farm, open 10 hours per week and available for all workers and their families. The clinic also has a children's day care center and occasionally holds lectures and workshops for interested workers and community members.