Producer Profiles

Miriam Amparo - Bananera Miriam Amparo

Bananera Miriam Amparo is located in the Urabá region of Colombia. In 1979, Señor Teodoro Solorzano purchased the land and a year later began to export bananas with Colombian partner UNIBAN. In 1997, he annexed another farm to expand production. The two farms were briefly united under one administration, but began to function separately in 2003 for management purposes.


Thanks to the Fair Trade premium, I am taking a technical systems course to apply in community work. I feel good because I now count on resources to carry out what I have always wanted.  

Jaime Vargas Velez, Miriam Amparo Employee

I have always wanted to be a beautician and now I am actually taking a beauty course. Fair Trade has given me hope and an opportunity to follow my dream.  

Maria Maide Cortes, Miriam Amparo Employee

Thanks to the additional support from Fair Trade, I am able to reach my dreams. I am finishing my college degree and I am performing technical work I have always wanted to do - like computer assembling and maintenance.  

Yarley Gomez, Miriam Amparo Employee


Low-Interest Home Loans

Bananera Miriam Amparo uses portions of their Fair Trade premiums to provide low-interest loans for workers to purchase or improve their homes. This program has dramatically improved the quality of life for many employees and their families who otherwise could not have achieved their dream of home ownership.

Reforestation Project

With funds from the Fair Trade premium, workers at Bananera Miriam felt determined to give back to their community by protecting forests in the area through a large reforestation initiative that began in 2009.

Scholarships for Families

Bananera Miriam Amparo allocates a portion of their Fair Trade premiums to support the higher education of its workers and their families with tuition scholarships. The educational scholarships provide a vehicle for self-empowerment.

Recreational Sports Leagues

Fair trade premiums were used to organize a sports leagues that not only provided locals with a healthy pastime, but helped promote a sense of unity, pride and participation amongst the community.