Producer Profiles

Maskeliya Plantations Ltd.

The Koslanda Organic Tea Gardens, owned by Maskeliya Plantations Ltd., are located in the cool, misty mountains of Sri Lanka's Uva District. This estate, home to 596 workers and their families, has been producing "the green gold of the mountains" since the mid-twentieth century.

Koslanda transitioned to 100 percent organic and bio-dynamic production in 1992. The estate promotes the recycling of resources through the use of cover crops, inter-cropping, and animal and plant waste recycling. Koslanda not only implements environmentally-sustainable methods of production, but also encourages bio-diversity by re-introducing indigenous flora and planting a variety of native products such as spices, coffee and nuts.

Fair Trade Certified™ since 1998, the Koslanda Tea Estate is also committed to building a clean and healthy community for its workers. The plantation has provided transportation to the hospital, new latrines, re-roofing and scholarships for higher education.


Without Fair Trade, nobody would be able to buy sewing machines, gas cookers, and other things that improve our daily lives.  

M. Wimalawathy, Tea Garden Employee


Sewing Machines for Workers

The Fair Trade premium has purchased sewing machines for farming families, enabling them to save money by stitching and mending their own clothes.

Microfinance Loans for Gas Cookers

Koslanda has created a microlending program, allowing workers to borrow money at 5 percent interest per year (as opposed to 15 percent from local banks). With these funds, workers were able to purchase 20 gas cookers for the community.