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Marañon - Bodegas y Viñedos Amadeo Marañon

Bodegas y Viñedos Amadeo Marañon, located in the Mendoza region of Argentina, is a family farm business founded by Amadeo Marañon in 1951. About 756 hectares of land, divided into 8 farms, is suitable for grape growing here. More than half of this area is currently planted with fine grapes. The farm also has two wine cellars in nearby cities.

Through the creation and sale of high-quality wines, Bodegas y Viñedos Amadeo Marañon helps combat serious social problems confronting the community including social inequality, lack of educational opportunity, poverty due to high inflation, and poor education and public health systems.


In my opinion, Fair Trade is very good because for just a few cents the consumer can have a large impact on us workers and the community in which we live. As a producer, Fair Trade has brought us significant benefits because when we comply with the Fair Trade standard, we are improving the way we work to not only produce higher quality products, but to also be socially responsible and better stewards of the environment.  

Pablo Minetto, co-owner

We hope to continue to develop projects that promote educational opportunities because we believe one of the best ways to teach values is through schooling. Through educational programs, there is potential to reach the entire community.  

Amadeo Cabeza, worker


School Facility Improvements and Supplies

Fair Trade premiums have funded local school building improvements. Construction projects include closing the gas tank, fencing the perimeter, a new sandbox for children, the purchase of tiles to repair the basketball court, and new paint. Premiums also helped purchase new recreational items like balls, gym mats and swings.

A Community Cafeteria and Eyeglasses

Fair Trade premiums financed the purchase of new tables and chairs for the community cafeteria near the Los Vascos farm. The cafeteria serves a bulk of the population from young children to elderly citizens. Fair Trade premiums have also been used to finance the purchase of eyeglasses for workers at the Jocoli farm.

Shoes for School Children

Fair Trade premiums purchased shoes for workers' children who attend the Combate Pichueta School. Without assistance from the Joint Body, deprived children would be shoeless throughout the school year.

Health Center Repairs and Maintenance

Bodegas y Viñedos Amadeo Marañon invested Fair Trade premiums to fund improvements to the Medical Center No. 85 building, in the municipality of Tres Porteñas. Construction projects included the replacement of a deteriorated floor with new ceramic tile and new paint for the entire facility.