Producer Profiles

Majomut - Unión de Productores Orgánicos Beneficio Majomut

Majomut is an association of cooperatives in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, uniting 1,000 coffee-growing families in 35 Tzotzil and Tzeltal indigenous communities. The group originally formed in 1981 with the mission to improve living conditions for producer families, and, in 1994, they became Fair Trade Certified. Their coffee is also Certified Organic, a practice they value not only for the absence of chemical fertilizers but because it allows them to care for the land as their ancestors did, fostering an intimate connection with nature for each farmer. This mountainous, high-altitude region is ideal for coffee cultivation, thanks to the heavy rains and dense soils teeming with fertile volcanic ashes. Selling their high-quality beans in the Fair Trade market allows them to continue pursuing their goals of social organization, environmental protection, and community development.