Producer Profiles

Luponde Estates

The remote Livingstonia Mountains are situated in Southern Tanzania, Africa. They form part of the great African Rift Valley, home to the plains of the Serengeti and the great lakes of Tanganyika and Malawi. Amongst this natural landscape lies one of the oldest organic tea estates in the world, Luponde. At an altitude of 7,000 ft. the plants grow slowly to produce a range of full flavored, organic, Fair Trade teas. The leaves are carefully handpicked to deliver to customers the perfect cup of tea.


I used to live a difficult life because salaries could not meet all my necessities. A friend encouraged me to apply for a small loan provided by Fair Trade here at Luponde. At first I was hesitant but eventually I decided to apply for the loan. I opened up a stationary shop and earned enough income to eventually purchase a photocopier machine. My life has changed.  

Inviolata Magema


Classroom Construction and Scholarships

The construction of new classrooms at four schools and, offices and residences for teachers has been paid for by the Fair Trade premium. Premiums also fund scholarships for Luponde workers.

Fresh Drinking Water for Workers

The Joint Body of Luponde Estates voted to construct fresh water wells for workers to access throughout the tea gardens. Using Fair Trade premium funding, boreholes were drilled to provide fresh drinking water for workers.

Microfinance Program

A microlending program for workers was initiated with Fair Trade premiums.