Producer Profiles

Liki River Farm

Liki River Farm was founded in 1996 as a vegetable farm. In 1999, the farm began growing different flowers for export. Even though Liki River Farm only began growing and selling roses in 2000, the business became so successful that in 2005, all other products were phased out and the farm focused solely on roses.

The Liki River Farm covers approximately 150 hectares of which 25 acres are used for flower cultivation. Fair Trade workers at Liki Farm enjoy the benefit of Fair Trade standards including safe working conditions, fair minimum wages, protections against discrimination and community development funds via the Fair Trade premium.


New Supplies and Construction for the Community's Needy Children

The Liki River Joint Body voted to use Fair Trade premium funds to purchase chairs and tables for Nanyuki Children's Home. Premium funds were also used to build a kitchen at the Liki Special School for children with disabilities.

Training for the Joint Body

Fair Trade premiums funded administrative training sessions for workers that form part of the Joint Body - the group that is responsible for designing and implementing uses of Fair Trade premiums.

Tree Seedlings Purchased

The Joint Body used Fair Trade premiums to purchase tree seedlings for planting in the community.