Producer Profiles

Kotagala - Chrystler's Farm Estate

Chrystler's Estate is part of the Kotagala group of Tea Plantations. The Kotagala Region is located on the western slopes of the Central Hills. Nine of the plantations are situated in this area including the original “Dimbula” Estate which has lent its name to an entire planting district.

The tea produced on these estates has a characteristic thick / sweet liquor, accompanied by colour and strength, and enjoys patronage throughout the year from a wide spectrum of international tea buyers.


Repairs to the Community Temple and Church

St. Andrew's - Chrystler's Farm Estate used a portion of their Fair Trade premiums for a children's park as well as temple and church repairs within their community.


St. Andrew's - Chrystler's Farm Estate provides loans to their members for use towards personal or family education.

Financial Help for Health Care

A health care program is in effect to allow members access to medical assistance, and they plan to invest future Fair Trade premiums in improved care.