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Producer Profiles

KOPEPI KETIARA - Koperasi Kopepi Ketiara

Cupping training for Ketiara Board
Roasting machine used for cupping
Located in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra, Indonesia, surrounding the town of Takegon, the KOPEPI Ketiara Cooperative cultivates coffee at elevations between 900 and 1700 meters above sea level. The area’s soil is innately suitable for the production of Arabica coffee plants, of which an estimated 30 containers per year is exported by the cooperative into American and European markets (2012). Arabica coffee plants have grown in this region since 1908 and are now recognized globally for its rich flavor and strong body.

Established in 2009, the KOPEPI Ketiara Cooperative handles all aspects of coffee production until it is ready for exportation. Members count with complete and central facilities for hulling, drying, grading, sorting, labeling and packaging. As so, the cooperative assures their coffee product is 100 percent pure, not mixed with coffee grains that are not their own. This guarantee is also reflected in their Fair Trade and Organic certifications, both obtained in 2012. With hopes of improving the standards of living for its members and community, the cooperative aims to sell more of their quality coffee into international markets.


We hope and encourage consumers to buy more Fair Trade certified products rather than products that are not certified. Our products are made from farmers and workers who put great efforts and dedication  

Lucia Lie


Improving Waste Management Collection

Ketiara used their premium funds to develop an environmental awareness program on recycling supported by placement of the recycling containers at strategic points to collect recyclable waste

Coffee Nursery Maintenance

Ketiara also invested premium funds to maintain and improve their coffee nursery. In their area, coffee seedlings are grown in nursery beds and later they are planted in the coffee fields. Ketiara consider this process absolutely essential to a successful coffee plantation.


KETIARA invested $71,088 of the premium in technical training for their producer members. This includes warehouse management led by local government, cooperative management in partnership with Lutheran World Relief, a cupping course, ICS trainings created by KETIARA’s board, and quality control and processing.