Producer Profiles

KOPEPI KETIARA - Koperasi Kopepi Ketiara

KETIARA is located in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra, Indonesia, surrounding the town of Takengon. Coffee is cultivated at elevations between 900 and 1700 meters above sea level. The area’s soil is innately suitable for the production of Arabica coffee plants, which have grown in this region since 1908 and are now recognized globally for its rich flavor and strong body. KETIARA handles all aspects of coffee production until it is ready for exportation. Members count with complete and central facilities for hulling, drying, grading, and sorting.


"Through Fair Trade, we are able to empower women both in our cooperative and in our community. Women are not only raising children and providing meals for the family at home, but they are also now able to get a higher education, a higher position in the community, and are more respected by men."  



Farmer Finances

KETIARA has created a fund to lend capital to members that are in need. The fund also serves to provide bonuses for workers.


Members of KETIARA voted to use the premium to purchase and distribute nutritional necessities such as rice. This is particularly critical for members outside of the harvest season, when there is less source of income and therefore capacity to purchase food staples.

Producer Organizations

In order to participate and promote the cooperative in various media, including online, and at industry events, such as SCAA trade show, KETIARA uses the premium to offset some of these costs.

Productivity & Quality

KETIARA invested the premium in distributing organic fertilizers to members, training and education regarding plant health, best practices for organic production, and various machine procurements including for the cupping lab.