Producer Profiles


Joygardens S.A. is located in the Pichincha valley under the shade of the famous Cayambe volcano, the world's highest altitude active volcano. Joygardens joined Fair Trade in order to improve the workers’ quality of life by increasing their spending power via the Fair Trade premiums for community investments. Joygardens distinguishes itself from other flower producers by showing their commitment to women’s empowerment through Fair Trade premium-funded initiatives.


I am confident in the Fair Trade Savings Program because it helps me secure my family’s sustenance.  

Lidia Novoa, Joygardens worker


Low-Interest Microcredit

The Fair Trade workers at Joygardens have established a Fair Trade premium-funded, low-interest credit program intended for groceries and hygiene product purchases. Workers are encouraged to buy basic need items on credit with a 3-month repayment plan to encourage savings, financial planning, and investment in larger household improvements.

Breast Cancer Screening

In 2008, Fair Trade workers at Joygardens establised a cancer screening program for female workers. FUnded with Fair Trade premiums for community investments, the health program covers screening costs and additional testing in the case of an abnormal screening result.

Home Improvement Fund

Fair Trade workers at Joygardens have established an interest-free, home improvement rotational loan fund for workers to access supplies and home appliances at better prices, under convenient repayment terms.

Small Business Training

Joygardens used Fair Trade premiums to facilitate a small-business and skill-building training program for workers to start their own business. The training this year was on beauty parlor skills and management. 26 female employees benefited from the program.