Producer Profiles

ISMAM - Indígenas de la Sierra Madre de Motozintla

ISMAM was formed in 1985 by Mayan farmers from more than 100 rural communities in the diocese of Sierra Madre de Chiapas. There was an incredible effort to fight against the grinding poverty and exploitation threatening their families. They worked together to address common needs for technical assistance, processing equipment and direct market access. Farmers are receiving higher incomes for their cocoa and coffee, and families are staying together, helping preserve their unique indigenous culture, traditions, and environment.


“Fair Trade allows us to get a pre-financing payment from buyers who trust Fair Trade certified producer organizations. ISMAM has better credit ratings due to their more stable incomes and long-term contracts.”  



Productivity & Quality

ISMAM understands that higher quality coffee and increased productivity per hectare are arrived at by maintaining soil fertility and rehabilitating and renovating coffee plants. This is why in 2015 members voted to invest in soil conservation techniques, organic nurseries, and organic compost.