Producer Profiles

Ipanema Coffees - Ipanema Agricola SA

Founded in 1969, Ipanema Agricola is a large coffee farm located in southern Minas Gerais, Brazil. Around 3,570 hectares of the farm are dedicated to sustainable coffee production and 1,200 hectares are set aside for biodiversity preservation in the region.

Committed to both social and environmental responsibility, the farm founded the Ipanema Institute in 2000 to develop social projects for the workers and their communities. The projects focus on everything from education and volunteer work, to occupational health and safety, and ecosystem conservation. Ipanema Agricola sees Fair Trade certification as a natural path towards increased investment in their workers, their families, and the land.



After democratically-electing a Fair Trade committee, the farm workers at Ipanema Agricola plan to invest their Fair Trade community development premiums in healthcare programs. Workers currently have access to a health plan, but there is a co-payment that is often difficult for workers to pay. Getting better access to healthcare is very important to them.
The workers have also discussed implementing projects that provide access to more and better food for their families and their communities