Producer Profiles

Ipanema Coffees - Ipanema Agricola SA

Founded in 1969, Ipanema Agricola is an award winning large coffee farm located in southern Minas Gerais, Brazil. Around 3,570 hectares of the farm are dedicated to sustainable coffee production and 1,800 hectares are set aside for biodiversity preservation in the region.

Committed to both social and environmental responsibility, the farm founded the Ipanema Institute in 2000 to develop social projects for the workers and their communities. The projects focus on initiatives related to education, occupational health and safety and ecosystem conservation. Ipanema Agricola sees Fair Trade certification as a natural path towards increased investment in their workers, their families, and the land.


The Fair Trade premium will be an investment in my family.  

Francisco Alvez Balduino

Through the worker committee, Minas Triangle Association, it is possible to further expand the participation of the employees in decision-making, since they are able to identify and act directly on the social demands of the community where they live.  

Christiano Borges


Computer Courses for Farm Workers

The workers committee of Ipanema Agricola directed a portion of their Fair Trade premium to provide access to computer courses for farm workers in the towns of Conceição do Rio Verde and Cambuquira in Minas Gerais. Students ranging in ages 30 to 60 gained valuable skills becoming computer literate.

Expanding Access to Child Care

Child care for the children of farmworkers was vastly improved with the renovation of the Home of Mary daycare. Improvements to the dining and bathroom facilities along with the construction of a new room have allowed for the expansion of care to the children of temporary workers during the harvest period from April to August.