Producer Profiles

HOAC - Highland Organic Agriculture Cooperative

HOAC is one of the few Fair Trade cooperatives in Papua New Guinea. The organization was started by small holder farmers in partnership with coffee exporter Coffee Connection Ltd. in 2004. Since their inception, HOAC has increasingly gained recognition and acceptance as an independent coffee cooperative that works as a more equal partner with exporters and importers.


Fair Trade has shown us that, through our own efforts, development can come to our area.  

Eno Nosare, HOAC Member

Fair Trade allows us to see that through our own efforts development can come to our cooperative. Fair Trade shows us that we can invest something back into our community to help our own people where it is needed.  

Eno Nosare, HOAC Member


Materials purchased for schools

The cooperative purchased wood to build additional school classrooms and desks. HOAC also invested Fair Trade premium funds to purchase mattresses for the hospital beds in local health centers.