Producer Profiles

HOAC - Highland Organic Agriculture Cooperative

HOAC is one of the few Fair Trade cooperatives in Papua New Guinea. The organization was started by small holder farmers in partnership with coffee exporter Coffee Connection Ltd. in 2004. Since their inception, HOAC has increasingly gained recognition and acceptance as an independent coffee cooperative that works as a more equal partner with exporters and importers.


Thank you HOAC for the new permanent elementary classroom at Tamox. As a mother I am happy to see my children learning in a new classroom .  

Zena Philip


Yasubi Wáter Supply Project

Members producers from HOAC used Fair Trade Premium to decontaminate the local water supply. While the village usually faced diseases related to contaminated water. Now, families can safely drink clean water directly from the source.

Tamox Elementary Classroom

HOAC members have chosen Education to be on their primary focuses. Fair Trade Premiums have been used to finance the building of several elementary classrooms. Many children are benefitting from this new classrooms, and parents are ecstatic that their kids are learning. Photos above represent a recent construction in Tamox.