Producer Profiles

GUMUTINDO - Gumutindo Coffee Cooperative Enterprise

Members of the Konokoyi region receive coffee seedlings.
Located on and in the surrounding areas of Mount Elgon, along the border of Uganda and Kenya, the farmers of Gumutindo, or the Gumutindo Coffee Cooperative Enterprise, formed the organization to commercialize their high quality coffee. The organization is a farmer-owned business that represents more than 7,000 members.

In the beginning, all operations were run by one person, the current manager Mr. Willington Wamayeye, in a small rented office space. Today, the organization has grown significantly, with the construction of several offices, warehouses and sorting rooms. They have also developed a professional staff team of agronomists, technicians and cuppers.

Despite global market challenges, Gumutindo has supported its members and communities while delivering brands a quality product at a great value. Valuing loyalty and commitment, the organization hopes to continue to strengthen long-term relationships with buyers as their coffee quality and volumes increase.


Office Expansion at Bumayoga

Producers from Bumayoga extended their small headquarters and purchased land for further expansion. Pictured top right.

Electricity, Fencing and Tap Water at Nasufwa

Producers from Nasufwa fenced their store, extended the tap water source and maintained the road into their store, in addition to providing it with electricity.