Producer Profiles

GUAYA'B - Asociación Civil Guaya'b Huehuetenango

GUAYA'B is a coffee cooperative located in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Formally established in 1998, Guaya'b began selling to the Fair Trade market in 2000. The sales made by Guaya'b have brought stability to the cooperative and have enabled members to meet their basic needs. With the Fair Trade price, Guaya'b farmers have increased their own earnings and reinvested a portion of their profits into the community. As a result, the region’s economy is more stable and the rate of migration has decreased.


“One of the most important aspects of Fair Trade is the premium that we have turned into a microcredit program, as our members do not receive the same service or opportunities to borrow capital from local lending institutions.”  

Lucas Silvestre, GENERAL MANAGER


Producer Organizations

GUAYA’B values the individuals that make it such a strong, efficient cooperative, and therefore invested the premium in paying talented personnel.

Productivity & Quality

GUAYA’B was able to produce 2,500 sacks of organic fertilizer with the Fair Trade premium, which they then distribute to members, to ultimately strengthen their organic production. Additionally, to minimize loss due to rust, GUAYA’B’s members voted to invest in a rust control brigade, a critical activity in a region hard hit by the coffee leaf disease.

Farmer Finances

In order for GUAYA’B members to make the most of their coffee and honey production, GUAYA’B used the premium to create a microcredit fund, benefitting 98 families.