Producer Profiles


Piaveri Gardens is located near the town of Latacunga, in a valley surrounded by volcanoes and snow-capped peaks like that of volcanic Mt. Cotopaxi, one of Ecuador’s prime tourist sites. Jardines Piaveri Ltd. was established in 1996 by the Davalos Diaz family. The strength of Piaveri Gardens lies in its cooperative work--the relationship between management and workers is based on trust, respect and communication.

Jardines Piaverti became Fair Trade Certified™ because of its commitment to social responsibility and willingness to take care of its workers. Certification opened up a realm of new, profitable business opportunities that could lead to vast community improvements.


I feel proud to have achieved my dream of owning my own business. My income helps me take care of my family.  

Julia Ramirez

I’ve worked on many flower farms in my life, but this one is different. We’re paid more and job safety is better. And for the first time, I feel respected.  

Pilar Rocha, Woman Farmer at Jardines Paiveri


Fairtrade Premiums continue funding for cancer screenings for women

The Fair Trade premium committee of workers has created and maintains annual breast cancer screenings for women. This preventative health program for women has benefited over 100 women, both workers and daughters and spouses of men who are also employed at Jardines Piaveri.

Low-Interest Microcredit Program funded by Fair Trade Premiums

The Joint Body of Jardines Piaveri allocated 50,000 USD for a microcredit, low-interest loan program for workers and their families that would like to start their own small business. In order to be eligible for the program, participants must formulate business and loan repayment plans. Twelve participants have opened businesses such as bakeries, artisan workshops and clothing stores.

School donations and programs for the elderly

Each year, Jardines Piaveri workers design community programs to be funded by the Fair Trade premiums. Past programs include helping the elderly seniors of the local parish or of neighboring towns. The workers in charge of the premium collaborated with the church in Guaytacama—where 85 percent of Jardines Piaveri’s workers live—to donate 50 school chairs for children in the area. Many of the children are sons and daughters of the workers who also attend religious classes at the church.