Producer Profiles

Green Field Estate

The Greenfield Tea Estate specializes in ORGANIC Fair traded Ceylon Teas. The organic tea project commenced in 1992. The estate nestles among the hills on the southern edge of the Uva Highlands of Sri Lanka (Thotulagala, Haputale), at an altitude of 5000-6000ft where the climate is cool and the air beautifully clear. Roses and jasmine grow around the tea factory, and their fragrance is backed by the heady smell of newly processed tea. Looking down from the estate over emerald carpets of tea, the hot and dusty southern plains of Sri Lanka stretch out before you and on clear days the coast shimmers in the far distance.

We produce some of the finest teas whilst maintaining two other priorities besides exceptional organic tea: people and the environment. The tea estate is inspected annually by Control Union(The Netherlands).

Greenfield Teas are fragrant and sweet. The Northeast and Southwest monsoons add exceptional flavour, aroma and texture to these classic Uva teas. The Northeast monsoon winds travel across the Indian Ocean, picking up moisture from the Bay of Bengal and creating clouds that pour rain over the Uva Province as the clouds lift to go over the mountains. The Northeastern monsoons take place from December to early March when the surface high-pressure system is strongest. The Southwestern summer monsoons occur from June through September.


My son, S. Srikantharaja was born and educated at the primary school on the estate. He then attended secondary school in the township in the eastern province. Thanks to the education loan we obtained from Fair Trade and our Joint Body, I can humbly say that our son has been accepted into a University. He is the first child to attend a University on our plantation and one of few from the province. We are grateful that Fair Trade has helped make it possible for my son to achieve educational heights. Thank you!  

K. Sivapragasm


Credit program

Greenfield's Joint Body elected to use Fair Trade revenues as a credit program for workers. Members have access to loans or advances for the purposes of house improvements, electricity, or medical emergencies.

Community cultural hall

A community cultural hall was constructed on the Greenfield estate funded by Fair Trade premium revenue.