Producer Profiles

Finlays Horticulture Kenya

HomeGrown Kenya (or Finlays Horticulture Kenya) is an international flower company that grows and sells carnations and roses in addition to several other variations. An estimated 10,000 workers are hired by HomeGrown worldwide; 8,500 of which are employed in Kenya where the majority of the company’s plantations are located, in the country’s Naivasha region.

The organization’s strategic business plan is geared toward responsible, sustainable and ethical practices. They have several corporate social responsibility programs at the community level. When a fire broke out in the Ngusishi community in Timau, for example, the company installed a water point and purchased fire-fighting equipment for the village. They have also placed significant effort into reforestation, wetland maintenance and clean farming environmental programs. Since 2006, all uses of WHO Class One Chemicals were discontinued.