Producer Profiles

Finlays Flowers

Finlays Flowers was established in 1989 on the site of a historic tea plantation in Kenya's Rift Province. The farm is situated 100 miles west of Nairobi, in the city of Kericho, an area lying 2,167 meters above the seal level along the equator. Finlays Flowers I was started in 1989 while Finlays Flowers II was established later in 1999. All together Finlays Flowers covers almost 11,000 hectares in the Kericho and Bureti Districts. In addition to flowers, the company also cultivates tea, eucalyptus trees and timber. Finlays Flowers is also the owner and steward to 2,100 hectares of protected natural forest land.

There are over 100 permanent employees that grow, cut, and package Fair Trade flowers for export. The farm prices itself on low turnover. Since becoming Fair Trade Certified™, workers at Finlays Flowers have established the Finmax Joint Body, a committee of workers that meets periodically to plan and manage community projects funded with Fair Trade premiums. The Finmax Joint Body strives to promote the social and economic well-being of workers. Through Fair Trade sales and community development premiums, Finmax has been able to invest in a variety of local initiatives that benefit not only the workers, but the greater communities of Kericho and Bureti.


I started driving early last month in the Automobile Association (AA) driving school and Fair Trade has really helped me a lot. I have been longing for the course, but due to a shortage of money I had to delay learning how to drive. But now, Fair Trade pays 90% of my school fees. I am indeed happy and God is great and I hope I continue to receive help.  

Francis Kipkemoi, Finlays Flowers Employee


School Supplies for Refugee Children

Donation of 550 sets of desks and chairs to more than 12 secondary schools. These schools received an influx of students following the post-election violence in 2008 and were left without sufficient supplies. The Joint Body purchased these supplies to donate to the Bureti District secondary schools

New Teachers Hired

Fair Trade premiums hired over a dozen new teachers at Finlays Flowers Primary Schools. 13 teachers earned salaries and allowances, boosting the teaching staff of the two Flower Schools.

Microfinance Project

Employees at Finlays Flowers received microloans at minimal interest rates as part of a revolving loan program funded by Fair Trade premiums. Since 2008, over 1,500 emloyees have received funding.

Health Clinic for Mothers

Fair Trade premiums financed the construction of a maternity ward within the existing Chepchabas Dispensary, or clinic. Fair Trade workers used community development funds to provide all of the equipment and supplies for the ward, in addition to the building materials and construction costs. At the Samutet Clinic, workers also voted to use funds to build new bathrooms and purchase new supplies for the dispensary.