Producer Profiles

FINCAMAR - Cooperativa Agrícola Marimonda Fincamar

Cooperativa Agrícola Marimonda Fincamar (Fincamar) is a banana cooperative in Antioquia, Colombia, in the Urabá banana growing region. It was formed in 1996 by a group of farmers affected by socio-political turmoil around the government's land redistribution efforts. The farmers of Fincamar united to share risk in a volatile environment and have more direct contact with markets. Now, the organization is made up of at least 90 members and growing. Fincamar became Fair Trade Certified™ to earn fair prices for their bananas, have direct relationships with buyers and consumers and improve the quality of life for their members and families through Fair Trade premium investments.


It is was a great opportunity to use the cooperative's resources from the Fair Trade premium to achieve my dream of becoming a nurse.  

Paola Sibaja

The renovated drainage system ensures the success of the most recent planting and the regeneration of the next crop.  

Horacio Durago, member

Cultural integration and understanding plays a part in our daily lives. It is a way for people to teach and share things from the regions they come from.  

Luis Jair Arias, member


Promoting Ethnic and Cultural Diversity and Awareness

Fincamar is an organization spread across various ethnic and cultural divides. In an effort to increase cultural understanding amongst members and their families, the organization hosted events to bring people together. In one year, over four hundred people were brought together from various cultures to participate in such gatherings.

School Uniforms, Supplies and Fees

The organization supports each member with basic education, uniforms and school supplies. At least 180 students benefitted from this program in 2010. Besides basic education for all of its members, Fincamar also covered the expenses for 14 students to receive higher education and training this same year.

Distribution of Funds to Members

The cooperative distributed funds to their members for home improvement and loan repayment. This will help members look to a brighter tomorrow and be proud of what their hard work is accomplishing.

Gym Clothes for Neighboring Community Schools

Apart from programs to assist its own member community, Fincamar supports 150 school children in the rural community by providing them with school gym clothes.