Producer Profiles

Finca Ucrania

Inversiones Ucrania, or Finca Ucrania, has been producing bananas since the 1960’s. The current ownership took over the plantation in 1983 and has been working towards a more inclusive and dignified work environment ever since. Finca Ucrania became Fair Trade Certified™ to improve the workers’ quality of life through the sale of high quality bananas and just prices.


I used to live in precarious conditions but now I have a dignified home for which my wife, children and I are very thankful for. I thank Fair Trade for the premium and our Joint Body for the credit program.  

Julio Aldemar Murillo, Ucrania worker

I am very thankful for the support I received in obtaining a degree in Physical Education. I am only one of the many beneficiaries of the important social initiatives undertaken for community progress and wellbeing by this company.  

Luis Rodolfo Mosquera, son of Ucrania worker

Thanks to Fair Trade and our organization, we have access to important technological tools that allow workers and families to develop their skills.  

Jhon Alberto, Ucrania worker


Community Development

Finca Ucrania has established several community development initiatives through Fair Trade premiums. These include donations to local orphanages, recreational programming, environmental education campaigns and garbage separation facilities.

Microcredit Program for Small Businesses

Fair Trade premiums have funded at least 22 small businesses through the farm’s home-business microcredit program. The program guidelines require the applicant to present a business plan and establish the most suitable repayment options.