Producer Profiles

Finca Ucrania

Inversiones Ucrania, or Finca Ucrania, has been producing bananas since the 1960’s. The current ownership took over the plantation in 1983 and has been working towards a more inclusive and dignified work environment ever since. Finca Ucrania became Fair Trade Certified™ to improve the workers’ quality of life through the sale of high quality bananas and just prices.


Thanks to Fair Trade and our organization, we have access to important technological tools that allow workers and families to develop their skills.  

Jhon Alberto, Ucrania worker

As a mother of five, I am very thankful to Fair Trade and our company for helping me obtain a home where my family and I can rest together after a day of hard work.  

Diocelina Idarriaga, Ucrania worker

I am thankful for the support in pursuing higher education. There are many young people like me who wish to study and have a better future. I am glad we are encouraged to aim for higher levels of education.  

Diana Carolina Bonilla, daughter of Ucrania worker


Microcredit Program for Small Businesses

Fair Trade premiums have funded at least 22 small businesses through the farm’s home-business microcredit program. The program guidelines require the applicant to present a business plan and establish the most suitable repayment options.

Community Development

Finca Ucrania has established several community development initiatives through Fair Trade premiums. These include donations to local orphanages, recreational programming, environmental education campaigns and garbage separation facilities.