Producer Profiles

Finca La Buena Vida

Finca La Buena Vida is a banana farm located in the Urabá region of Colombia. The organization was formed in 1986 by six farmers during one of the country’s most violent periods and decade-long civil war. Today, the region is relatively peaceful and communities are rebuilding, but there is still significant activity by drug traffickers. Legitimate employment, which offers workers and their families a real chance to escape poverty, is vital to keep the youth out of the drug trade in this community. Fair Trade premiums guarantee a just price for farmers’ product and provide much needed development projects and education.


Fair Trade is about hope and about visible, measurable impact. Jorge Anaya’s family demonstrates how dreams can become reality. In July 2009, Jorge shared these pictures of his new home, his family and their new baby girl (asleep on his wife’s lap). He said, “My house fills me with a lot of joy. I didn’t have a lot of resources, but now I have a lot of motivation and I’m very happy. Work is better nowv that I know there is all of this support through Fair Trade.  

Jorge Anaya, Buena Vista Farm worker

Before, the possibilities of us owning a house were few, given the high costs of land and the lack of anyone willing to give us a loan. But the Friends Forever Corporation (Finca La Buena Vida’s Joint Body) loaned me the money to buy our house. This fills us with joy and enthusiasm, and we now look to the future with more optimism. Thank you Fair Trade!  

Fredy Manuel Polo Hernandez

I am studying system analysis and computer programming thanks to the Fair Trade program that has allowed us to study like our children do. Without Fair Trade premiums, it would be very hard for us workers afford our schooling at the university level. I'm very thankful for the funds and opportunities offered to workers and our children to continue our studies.  

Samir Ramos Navas, La Buena Vida Worker


Home Improvement Loans

With Fair Trade premiums, Buena Vida workers can access low interest loans to improve their homes or become first time home owners.

Student Scholarships

Buena Vida’s workers and their families benefit from scholarships funded by the Fair Trade premium. School fees are covered and adults are given scholarships to take vocational classes or pursue a higher degree. In order to keep their scholarships, children of workers must maintain good grades. Workers and wives of workers are awarded secondary education and vocational school scholarships.