Producer Profiles

Finca Dioselina y Miraflores - Gilberto Alirio Becerra Valen

The Dioselina and Miraflores Banana farms are located in Antioquia, Colombia. Finca Dioselina was acquired in 1987and Finca Miraflores in 2006. The two farms became Fair Trade Certified™ in May 2009 and operate independently but are represented by a single Joint Body that includes workers from both farms.


Microcredit Loans for New Businesses

The Joint Body created a low-interest microcredit program for farm workers who wish to start their own small business. Members of the Dioselina and Miraflores farms believe small businesses will uplift and support the economic development of their community.

Scholarships for Workers and Families

In their first year of becoming Fair Trade Certified™, the Joint Body allocated a portion of the premium to fund scholarships for farm workers and their children. The scholarships are available for primary and secondary education, universities, technical and professional schools.

Low-Interest Housing Loans

In 2009, the Joint Body allocated a portion of the Fair Trade premium for low-interest housing loans. Dioselina and Miraflores farm workers have the opportunity to purchase, construct or improve their homes through this program. The Joint Body hopes to empower farm workers by helping realize dreams of home ownership.