Producer Profiles

FEDECOCAGUA - Federación de Cooperativas Agrícolas Guatemala

Founded in 1969, the Federación de Cooperativas Agrícolas Guatemala (FEDECOCAGUA) is a large producer and exporter organization representing the interests of an estimated 54 coffee cooperatives in the country, or about 20,000 small to medium-sized farmers in total. Through the organization, members are able to sell, market, and export their coffee to local and mainly international markets. Fair Trade premiums have helped finance new facilities including a water treatment plant and electronic weighing scale for members to use, in addition to providing agricultural products at reduced costs. Fair Trade premiums have also allowed individual cooperatives to build main offices and invest in other production and community improvement projects.


I take this opportunity to thank FTUSA for your support of producer groups at the SCAA in Portland, with well-deserved congratulations for your excellent and spacious booth in the exhibit hall, the conversations and all the other activities.”  

Gerardo Alberto De León, Marketing Manager


Anti-Coffee Leaf Rust Brigades

At the 44th FEDECOCAGUA assembly, farmers democratically-elected to use 6 cents of their 20 cent premium to address the rust outbreak in the region. With these earmarked funds they have purchased low-cost equipment and materials to form “Anti-Rust Brigades.” After an in-depth study conducted by their technical department, this option was selected as the most effective way to deal with the rust crisis.

The “Anti-Rust Brigades” employ technologically-efficient, motorized sprayers to combat the fungus in the most afflicted areas using natural botanical fungicides. This environmentally-friendly product made from the neem tree is being used on conventional and certified organic coffee crops.