Producer Profiles

FCC - Federación Campesina del Cauca

FCC members, prior to organizing, produced very low quality coffee beans, which were previously used mostly in instant coffee. Coffee was sold for very low prices and provided little income for the producers. Becoming Fair Trade Certified has impacted the producers greatly by offering them access to markets in the United States and Europe. Working together, the group has strengthened the vision of the cooperative, focusing on its social and environmental values. The Fair Trade model has generated increased self-esteem because the cooperative members have direct contact with their clients. There has been a shift in attitude of the producers as a result. They now are very focused on quality and consistency, and are proud to see their products in specialty markets.


“Fair Trade has been the greatest catalyst for change, both qualitative and quantitative, in the past decade of FCC’s existence. Fair Trade has enormously strengthened the cooperative as both a business and a social enterprise, which today allows us to be self-sustaining in the provision of social, economic, agronomic, and environmental tools and inputs to our members.”  


The Rotating Credit Fund for Production Needs is a great opportunity for producers to access credit with fewer restrictions and invest in the production and quality of their coffee.  

Franklin Alejandro Acosta

Thanks to the Fair Trade certification, we have been able to meet the other actors and links in the coffee supply chain –an opportunity which we would not have had without the certification. We’ve also been able to participate in decision-making to determine the best uses for the premium.  

Franklin Alejandro Acosta, Certification Officer


Support for Transition to Organic Practices

The FCC organizes training workshops for producers who would like to transition from conventional to organic agriculture.

Rotating Credit Fund for Production Needs

Members established this fund so they are able to finance projects aimed at increasing yields and coffee quality on their farms.