Producer Profiles

Fatikcherra Tea Estate

Fatikcherra Tea Estate is located in Tripura, one of the seven states in the northeastern corner of India. The estate is surrounded by lush forests of teak, sal, bamboo and other tropical trees. The area is known for heavy rainfall, which reaches 150 inches per year, populations of wild tigers and rhinoceros, and its teas. The rainy season lasts from March to May and is followed by Monsoon season from June through September. In the winter, starting in October and lasting until February, the region faces extremely cold weather. Fatikcherra was the first tea estate in Tripura to produce organic tea in 1998.


Product Diversification

Fatikcherra workers have developed a nursery for new strains of tea and beekeeping infrastructure.

Conversion to Organic Production

The tea garden has embarked on a massive replanting effort to improve crop yield and convert to organic production. The plantation projects that yield will increase by 250 percent in the next 10 years