Producer Profiles

FAPECAFES - Federación de Cafetaleros Ecológicos de Ecuador

The Federación Regional de Asociaciones de Pequeños Cafetaleros Ecológicos del Sur (FAPECAFES) is an association of small coffee producers from seven base cooperatives in Southern Ecuador. These organizations joined together with the hope of directly accessing the international specialty coffee market and forming long-term business relationships with overseas roasters. The members of FAPECAFES are dedicated to sustainable practices like soil conservation, shade-growing and organic farming techniques. FAPECAFES was Fair Trade Certified™ in 2003. Fair Trade premiums have enabled the association to establish various social and productive programs.


To get good quality coffee you have to follow a specific process, from seedling to post-harvest management. Only through this process can we ensure a healthy product without defects, sold at a price that is fair for us.  

Marina Herrera

For me, being a member of FAPECAFES and Fair Trade is very important. Organized work like this improves my family's economic circumstances. The training, diversification, farm improvements and soil conservation result in good production that benefits us all.  

Senor Gonzales Gaona


Organic Training and Assistance

The cooperative has established an internal team to assist members with quality control and organic and Fair Trade certification requirements. Several of the cooperatives have instituted cupping programs that help farmers learn about the strengths and weaknesses of their coffee.

Funds for Procurement

The cooperative maintains a rotating fund for purchasing tools, equipment and coffee seedlings.

Health Supplies for Members

FAPECAFES has constructed emergency aid stations equipped with snake anti-venom serum. The cooperative provides members with accident and life insurance. One of the member cooperatives maintains a sales and distribution system for staple foods that members may buy at wholesale prices.