Producer Profiles

Esteam Apparel Services

Established in 1994, Esteam Apparel Services is an international ethical garment and accessories manufacturer that uses state of the art technology and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Esteam is a total solutions provider for ethically sourced products –fashion garments, cosmetic bags, work-wear, scarves and more. In addition to Fair Trade certification, the organization is also certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Esteam products are made from 100 percent organic cotton, produced without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Products are manufactured using AZO-Free dyes and are compliant with REACH (Restriction of Chemical Substances). The factory roof is fitted with turbo ventilators that operate on wind energy. The facility conserves water through rainwater harvesting and features a waste water treatment process that eliminates pollutants. The organization also recycles all of their unused materials. Cotton scraps and other waste matter generated from production processes are used to make artisan paper for hand-made price-tags, greeting cards, cartons, bags and other stationary.

Fair Trade cotton farmers supplying to Esteam are guaranteed a fair minimum price for their cotton and a Fair Trade premium for community investment. In turn, they provide the best quality raw materials. This relationship ensures sustainable development at the grassroots level.


A Range of Services for Workers

The workforce is offered interest-free loans, food service at subsidized rates, free medical check-ups, on-site daycare and transport to the facilities.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Facilities and Processes

Esteam’s manufacturing facilities are completely lit by sunlight during the day and LED lights after sunset. The factory roof is fitted with Turbo Ventilators that work on wind energy, providing fresh air inside the facility at all times. They use rainwater harvesting to conserve water and optimally utilize it as required. Additionally, their waste water treatment process ensures the destruction of all harmful pollutants before being released.