Producer Profiles

EL POLO - Cooperativa de Servicios Multiples EL POLO

El Polo is located in the jagged, jungle-covered mountains surrounding the small town of San Sebastian de Yali in northern Nicaragua. This socially and environmentally conscious group of small producers supports one another in all steps of the harvest and supply process, from finding affordable credit in order to purchase environmentally responsible fertilizers, to commercializing and exporting their high-quality product. The stable prices of Fair Trade and Fair Trade Premiums have enabled the community to implement an array of community development programs.


Fair Trade has helped the agricultural families of this cooperative to implement better coffee farming practices, to develop the family structure with social programs that come from premiums for every quintal produced. The cooperative has helped support the producers with credit, health, and education. We have provided school supplies and uniforms to the children of cooperative members. Also, Fair Trade premiums have helped to give the cooperative the capacity to lessen the dependence on credit each year and to finance the diversification of income to our members.  

Jose de la Cruz Martinez Ruiz



In 2015, El Polo invested the premium in the MICASA project to improve economic conditions, food security, and health of more than 850 vulnerable coffee producing families in Jinotega. With the help of the premium, El Polo was able to conduct trainings, technical assistance, field studies, demonstrative plots, and more.

Productivity & Quality

In order to improve yield and coffee quality, El Polo members voted to spend the premium on wet mill upgrades and new coffee varieties.