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Producer Profiles

EL GORRION - Cooperativa de Servicios Multiples El Gorrion

Women participating in the organization's gender equity programs, financed with Fair Trade Premiums.
This sign on El Gorrion premises reads “We plant trees, we harvest life."
In 1995, a small group of producers from “El Gorrión,” Nicaragua decided to organize themselves into a cooperative to solve the economic crisis omnipresent in their community. Now, 451 Fair Trade producers, 74 of which are women, are growing high quality coffee thanks to the steady precipitation and extensive network of tributaries that flow through the verdant mountains of northern Nicaragua.

Fair Trade premiums have enabled producers from “El Gorrión” to invest in the quality of their product and impending development of their community. Four coffee collection centers are spread across the region to facilitate transportation to the new wet mill in the municipality of “El Gorrión,” part of an exciting project called “Strengthening the Coffee Supply Chain” (Fortaleciendo la cadena de valor del café). This cooperative of environmentally and socially conscious producers will flourish as a result of their investment in the future and dedication to the betterment of their community.


With the Fair Trade Premium, El Gorrion has undertaken various projects to support healthcare, education, reforestation, children with disabilities, and road repairs—in general, our members have improved their standard of living economically, socially, and environmentally.  

Francisca Ubeda Herrera, General Manager

Since we became certified, we have worked to change our community culture by providing all small farmers training and capacity building workshops about the interpretation of Fair Trade standards. For example, we’ve raised awareness about the need to protect the environment and not pollute it since it’s harmful to people, animals, and all species.  

Francisca Ubeda Herrera, General Manager


Reforestation and Plant Nurseries

El Gorrion planted 25,000 native forest species in nurseries, which will be distributed among 250 farms to improve soil health and conserve the region’s rich biodiversity.