Producer Profiles

EL GORRION - Cooperativa de Servicios Multiples El Gorrion

Plants for reforestation
Tractor for road repairs
In 1995, a small group of producers from “El Gorrión,” Nicaragua decided to organize themselves into a cooperative to solve the economic crisis omnipresent in their community. Now, 451 Fair Trade producers, 74 of which are women, are growing high quality coffee thanks to the steady precipitation and extensive network of tributaries that flow through the verdant mountains of northern Nicaragua.

Fair Trade premiums have enabled producers from “El Gorrión” to invest in the quality of their product and impending development of their community. Four coffee collection centers are spread across the region to facilitate transportation to the new wet mill in the municipality of “El Gorrión,” part of an exciting project called “Strengthening the Coffee Supply Chain” (Fortaleciendo la cadena de valor del café). This cooperative of environmentally and socially conscious producers will flourish as a result of their investment in the future and dedication to the betterment of their community.



With $15,000 of the premium, EL GORRION purchased and supplied native plant species to members for reforestation purposes, shade production, and as part of an effort to address climate change.

Community Improvements

EL GORRION invested $6,000 of the premium in repairing roads surrounding coffee producing areas, so that producers could reach the dry mill in less time. Over a four-year period, EL GORRION is receiving financing to purchase a tractor for other civil works such as constructing access roads, reservoirs, and water access points.

Rust Resistant Seed Supply

EL GORRION distributed certified rust resistant varieties to members, which helped to increase productivity.