Producer Profiles

El Antojo - Plantaciones Churido Finca El Antojo

Plantaciones Churido Ltda Finca El Antojo (El Antojo) has been a banana plantation since 1992. El Antojo workers’ greatest challenges are securing ownership of a safe place of residence, and completing their education. El Antojo became Fair Trade Certified™ in 2007 to produce cleaner, healthier fruit for consumers within a production system based on equality and empowerment for workers.


I thank Fair Trade and the company for giving me the opportunity to have my own business, improve my social and economic conditions, and for enabling me to contribute to my community.  

Héctor Isaac Cuesta, Worker

I am very grateful that I now have access to credit so I can improve my home. This is a great benefit and my entire family's quality of life has improved. I hope Fair Trade lasts for a long time!  

Leoncio Bonilla, El Antojo worker

I am very happy with our company and Fair Trade. Thanks to them, I now have a home to share with my family.  

Breydis Rangel Campo, El Antojo worker


Educational Support

El Antojo’s Joint Body boasts that an estimated 97 percent of workers have benefited from the scholarship program funded by Fair Trade premiums. Whether to finish elementary school, high school, technical school or an associate degree, El Antojo workers are encouraged to continue their education to improve their future.

Housing Program

El Antojo allocates Fair Trade premiums for a low interest loan program to finance the purchase of a new house, cover costs of improvement to current residences or to secure legal deeds on current property. Sixty-four workers have benefited from this program so far (2010).

Environmental Community Outreach

Fair Trade premiums are protecting local forests through El Antojo’s community outreach program. El Antojo funds and develops environmental awareness campaigns, maintains parks and recreational areas, and coordinates recreational activities, such as community soccer leagues.