Producer Profiles

DOTFA - Dazhangshan Organic Tea Farmer Association

Situated in the Wuyuan Mountains of China in the Jiangxi region, the Da Zhang Shan Tea Garden maintains the region’s 1,200-year reputation as the “golden triangle” of exceptional tea production. The farmers of Da Zhang Shan are traditional tea farmers and have never used chemical fertilizers or pesticides on their property, making it easy for them to achieve organic certification in 1997. For farmers and consumers, Da Zhang Shan tea provides vital green every day. The cooperative is dedicated to expanding its membership, improving working conditions and economic efficiency, and spreading knowledge of organic agriculture and environmental sustainability.

The Da Zhang Shan Organic Tea Farmer Association was also the first producer organization in China to gain Fair Trade certification in 2001. The group has over 5,400 member households; additionally, the number of female members has increased dramatically since the cooperative’s inception. Today, women make up almost 35 percent of the organization. The association extends membership not only to farmers, but also to technicians and tea processors who handle the teas and prepare them for sale to buyers.

Da Zhang Shan farmers and workers live in eight townships around the Da Zhang Shan Mountains. The tea gardens are located on the hills surrounding the villages. This scenic mountain range is still rich in natural resources and unpolluted by the industrialization that characterizes much of the metropolitan areas. The region attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year.

The Da Zhang Shan region is well known for the high-quality teas it produces (mainly gunpowder and Chun Mee varieties, as well as specialty teas like Ming Mei, Yun Cui and Jian Feng. The organization has steadily increased its exports of organic teas since its entry into the Fair Trade system.

The cooperative group is governed by a board of democratically elected representatives who make business and community development decisions for the farmers and workers. Since the farmers of the region generally own their own land and have no problem growing food, the cooperative focuses mostly on improving working conditions and funding children’s education. The Da Zhang Shan board says that Fair Trade has helped to promote positive change in the communities, especially in terms of education. Many great projects have become visible incentives for other tea producers to become members of the association. Members of the association make 15 percent to 20 percent more income from tea than do other families in the area. Fair Trade has allowed them to improve their practices and sell their tea at a higher price.


Last year, we invested funds to build a dormitory in Tuocuan Middle School that greatly improved the living conditions for the students. The premium also supports student enrollment in high schools and universities, and helps disadvantaged girls in our community gain access to an education.  

Association Member

Without the money from the Fair Trade fund our daughter would not have gone to university.  

Zhang Jianyou and Yu Xiying, Association Members

The tea farmers put all their energy into growing and producing tea because they know that the Fair Trade premium will be used to improve their living conditions and to benefit their children's education. They enthusiastically support Fair Trade.  

Zhou Yan, Association Member


Supporting Organic Agriculture

The association will implement technical assistance and training programs for members to develop producers' knowledge of organic agriculture. These trainings will help the association preserve the local eco-system and protect workers’ health. Trainings on organic agriculture and management are held at least twice a year.

Fostering Eduction

Dazhangshan farmer members have devised a number of projects aimed at improving education in the area. Workers voted to give money to each of the tea farmers’ children to support their enrollment in high school and universities. The Tea Garden has also invested in building a new school, a library, computer lab and student dormitory.

Microcredit program for small businesses

The association has a budget for a microcredit program. This program provides family members of cooperative members with small loans to start their own business. Currently, there are 35 participants in this program.

New Infrastructure

New renovation of 3 factories has been done in Fen Shan, Che Tian, and Xi Tou.