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Producer Profiles

DIVEMEX - Divemex Pimientos Selectos

As the name indicates, Divemex, or Divemex Pimientos Selectos’, primary product is bell peppers, but they also produce tomatoes and cucumbers. Their products are grown in a variety of locations in greenhouses in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Etzatlan and Jalisco, Mexico.

One of Divemex's biggest premium projects is a scholarship fund for needy children. All though basic education is free in Mexico, associated costs for transportation, uniforms and books prevent many of the poorest children from being able to advance in school.

Impoverished children in the region are often members of families who work in agriculture. The average agricultural worker in northern Mexico makes an estimated $USD13 a day, and although this is twice the minimum wage in Mexico, the availability of work is not dependable and farmers often go through long periods of time without work.

Divemex is investing Fair Trade premiums first to improve education. The organization became North America’s first provider of Fair Trade Certified™ peppers, attaining the certification for 70 hectares of greenhouses in January 2011.


For me, it is a great honor to say on this day that we are delivering the first scholarship. This project has been a great success and we knew that the path would be long, but we finally arrived at our goal, and this has filled us with satisfaction.  

Luis Antonio Fuentevilla, General Director

I see the future now. My one year old daughter will complete high school and hopefully go to college. Fair Trade certification creates a stronger commitment among us and helps us build a better tomorrow for our kids.  

Olegario Uriarte


Health Coverage

The migration of people is common in the agricultural industry, making it hard for workers to qualify for health care. Divemex provides full health coverage for all of its members and their families.

Child Care Facilities

Divemex has set up child care facilities for children while their parents are working. The project's goal is to keep children away from labor and teach them the first steps of their education. The facilities also provide kids with healthy nutrition.

Scholarships and Incentives to Complete Education

Divemex's scholarship program for adults applies to cooperative members and their family members aged 15 and older who want to complete their high school education. While the government does provide free education, this scholarships program provides the extra motivation and financial support for the working parents. The program also covers book and supply fees and gives each student a $USD 300 bonus on completion.