Producer Profiles

COSURCA - Cooperativa Del Sur del Cauca

Empresa Cooperativa del Sur del Cauca (COSURCA) is composed of 14 farmer associations and coffee cooperatives from four municipalities in Cauca, a mountainous province of southwestern Colombia. Founded in 1993, this organization has been seriously affected by armed extremist groups who value the area for its proximity to the jungle and abundant natural resources. Many farmers in the area have converted their coffee crops to more profitable, illegal ones while others have been threatened and displaced by armed groups. In contrast, Fair Trade Certified since 2001, COSURCA’s members have a strong organization and financial stability. Subsequently, COSURCA provides an important model for sustainable development in the region.

In spring 2005, 57 COSURCA members' farms were accidentally fumigated as part of a U.S.-funded cocaine eradication project called "Plan Colombia." Much of the farmers' corn and bean crops were devastated. Pineapple, banana, avocado and coffee plants were seriously affected. In addition, the spraying contaminated local waterways, degraded the soil and continues to threaten the biodiversity of the area. Perhaps most importantly for the farmers, the affected coffee farms lost their organic certification and must now wait years to reestablish it.


Fair Trade has been very important for our organization because through commercialization and production of Fair Trade certified products, we have been able to improve our organization and provide services for members, especially through loans, food security projects and improved processing.  

Eivar Meneses

Since our organization gained Fair Trade certification, we have been able to invervene in the coffee production, allowing more fair conditions with regards to price and weight in the purchase of the coffee.  

Alcides Martinez


Training Programs for Women

The co-op has designed coffee and intercropping training programs as well as a credit fund specifically for women in the community, who are encouraged to register into the co-op directly as members. A woman serves on the board of directors and several women participate as technicians.

Funding Food Security and Community Sanitation

COSURCA operates a food security program which assures members have reliable sources of food. COSURCA has also improved community sanitation.

Continuing the Tradition of Organic Cultivation

COSURCA maintained their organic certification by continuing the organic coffee production tradition that began in the area more than 100 years ago. Composting programs in several communities help generate organic fertilizer and reduce waste.

Credit program

COSURCA offers a rotating credit fund for production, commercialization and coffee quality improvement. There is also a credit fund that supports fruit cultivation and commercialization on farms, specifically papaya and lulo. In addition, members receive permanent support with financial and accounting services to help strengthen financial management, particularly in regards to accounting diligence and bookkeeping. This technical support is provided through training workshops, site visits, accounting audits and written recommendations.