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COSATIN - Cooperativa Servicios Agropecuarios Tierra Nueva

Cooperativa de Servicios Agropecuarios Tierra Nueva (COSATIN) is a union of small coffee and honey producers located in Boaco, Nicaragua. Members of the organization are dispersed throughout several communities within this department, all primarily producing high quality organic Arabica Coffee at altitudes between 900 and 1,400 meters above sea level. COSATIN has very close relationships with honey producers as well, providing them similar services as coffee producers in addition to commercializing their products. Honey producers primarily come from the Chinandega, Masaya, Granada, El Sauce and Matiguás communities. The organization works to provide all members, coffee and honey producers alike, many benefits and social and economic development programs, most of which are supported with Fair Trade premium funds.


With the premium, farmers have improved their lives, expanded their land, purchased more land, and are diversifying their production.  

Asunci├│n Mendez


Leadership School for Women

The organization has started an education program teaching leadership and management skills to women. Women have applied new skills to their workplace, homes and community.

Road Repairs

Premiums were used to repair roads for the community and provide farmers with easier access to their lands.

Coffee Renewal Plan

Premiums helped fund a coffee renewal plan.

Mill Maintenance

Portions of the Fair Trade premium are used to improve, maintain and run dry coffee mills.