Producer Profiles

COSAGUAL - Cooperativa de Servicios Agropecuarios Gualcinse

COSAGUAL, based in the western mountains of Honduras, was established in 1994 in order to produce high quality coffee and to elevate the living standards of its members. The Fair Trade premium has enabled workers at Cooperativa de Servicios Agropecuarios Gualcinse Limitada to establish various social and productive programs.


The cooperative movement has been a base so that producers see the importance of being organized. Being organized has allowed us to solve many problems and address the needs of members.  

Marcos Morales, Administrative Director

“Fair Trade guarantees COSAGUAL members a fixed minimum price for their coffee. Fair
Trade also eliminates the middlemen exporters involved in the coffee trade, who often pay farmers below market rates and pocket the excess money for themselves.”  



Productivity and Quality Investment

COSAGUAL invested 70% of their Fair Trade premium in improving the productivity of their cooperative and the quality of their coffee. They purchased machines in the drying process to create a higher quality coffee and more consistency across producers coffee.

Social Investing

The general assembly voted to spend 30% of their Fair Trade premium on a number of different social programs. They set aside money for scholarships for students, medicine for the local clinic, money to donate to a local institution to help homeless families, money to donate to a local sports team to purchase uniforms and equipment, and they also supported the reconstruction of a local historical monument.