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Coral Triangle Processors - Malukus

The Komite Fair Trade Tuna Assilulu is located in the quiet fishing village of Assilulu on the north-east coastline of Ambon, part of the Moluccan island chain in Indonesia. Formed on April 19, 2014, the Fair Trade Committee is comprised of nine members, representing three Fisher Associations and 89 fishermen from five villages. The Associations (Tuna Lestari Assilulu, Tuna Sejahtera Assilulu, and Sinar Asia Assilulu) became three of the first Fair Trade Certified Fisher Associations in the fall of 2014. Their first Fair Trade sale was made shortly after obtaining certification. The Committee received its first Premium payment on December 10, 2014 and have plans to improve the welfare of registered fishermen and the local communities.

The Komite Fair Trade Tuna Buru is located in Waepure on the coast of Buru, also part of the Moluccan islands. Formed on April 30, 2014, the Fair Trade Committee is comprised of seven members, representing one Fisher Association made up of 18 fishermen. Along with the Fisher Associations in Ambon, the Association Komite Nelayan Waepure became Fair Trade Certified in the fall of 2014. The news of Fair Trade certification has spread quickly to other villages in Buru, and plans are underway to add four new Fisher Associations on the island.

Using single-hook handlines, fishermen target large adult yellowfin tuna with small handmade kites attached to the fishing line. The random movement of the kite in the wind helps attract fish. Fish aggregation devices are not used. Bycatch is minimal to non-existent, and almost everything caught is either eaten or used as bait.

The fishermen in Ambon and Buru have partnered with the non-profit organization Yayasan Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI) to assist with obtaining and sustaining their Fair Trade certification. Led by Momo Kochen, the MDPI staff was instrumental in carrying out initial trainings, organizing meetings among fishermen, and preparing the island’s Fair Trade Committee for the first audit. Yellowfin tuna are imported in the United States by Anova Seafood, a subsidiary of Bumble Bee Foods. The tuna are processed and sold as frozen tuna steaks and burgers. Traceability systems throughout the processing and supply chains track Fair Trade tuna from Ambon and Buru to its final destination.

You can track your Fair Trade Certified yellowfin tuna by using the trace code located on the packaging. Go to to find out more information!


During [my] tenure as chairman of the group [there] has [been] a lot of dynamic development, and a lot of debate and even disagreement. But because the principle used is democracy, all decisions remain a shared responsibility.  

Ahmad Sandu, Head of Komite Tuna Assilulu

I am pleased with the Fair Trade Committee. We discuss all of our problems and needs together, and then decisions are made democratically.  

La Udia,Tuna Sejahtera Assilulu Fisher Association

I have no experience in leading an organization, but I do not want anybody to feel aggrieved. The Fair Trade program has really helped us as a small fishing group. The use of Premium funds is discussed by the entire group, and decisions are made by everyone, for example to develop health facilities or scholarships for education.  

Hayunan Wangse, Head of Komite Tuna Buru