Producer Profiles


COORPROVER (Coordinadora de Productores de la Zona Centro del Estado de Veracruz S.C de R.L de C.V) was originally formed in 2001 by 1,321 coffee producers representing five municipalities in the region of Huatusco, in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. COORPROVER seeks to aid producers in not only production, collection, processing, and commercialization, but also social programs and support, as well as training and technical assistance.


“Among the benefits of Fair Trade, I emphasize the financial stability of small producers, since they can always expect a minimum price. Second, Fair Trade Standards, aimed at strengthening an eco-friendly coffee production. Finally, the certainty of receiving the premiums for the strengthening and growth of this organization.”  

Daniel Veneroso, GENERAL MANAGER


Productivity & Quality

COORPROVER is an innovator in vertically integrated coffee production. In 2015 members voted to invest in a new, separate space for roasting coffee. Previously grinding and roasting were taking up too much space in the dry mill facility. Their specialty-grade green coffee is sold through the Fair Trade model and their remaining coffee is roasted on-site and sold for local consumption.

Farmer Finances

From 2013 onward, COORPROVER redistributed profits by issuing farmers a second payment, beyond the initial purchase price. This second payment often comes at a time when farmers are cash-strapped and need additional funds to meet their needs.