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COOPROSANVITO - Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples de los Productores de Café de San Vito

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With nearly half a century passed since its launch in 1965, the Costa Rican cooperative Cooprosanvito has built a thriving and sustainable business that supports the livelihoods of 850 farmers and their families. Through a successful combination of innovation and tradition, Cooprosanvito delivers a quality product with a classic, Costa Rican Arabica flavor profile.

Located in southern Costa Rica, just north of the Panamanian border, Cooprosanvito producers cultivate their crops in altitudes ideal for production, with ample precipitation and rich volcanic soils. Environmental sustainability is a high priority and the cooperative treats this lush landscape with the utmost respect. Members and their families benefit from social and productive programs put into practice with the help of Fair Trade premiums. The community has recently invested in projects to provide farmers with affordable housing, access to financial credit, and industrial equipment to dry and package their product. Cooprosanvito’s years of experience, innovative expansion and community development ensure their environmentally sustainable, high quality product’s success in the future.


The most important achievement since Fair Trade Certification is that our members have recieved better training in coffee production, enabling improved management and production activity, and in this way becoming more self-efficient, confident and capable.

Fair Trade helps these producers stay motivated about coffee production.  

Roger Arias Torres


Transportation of Coffee Cherries

The organization management team organizes the collection and transportation of coffee cherries for all members.

Regular Technical Assistance Workshops

Members receive technical assistance access and training annually to improve their yields and quality.