Producer Profiles

COOPEVICTORIA - Cooperativa Agrícola Industrial Victoria RL

COOPEVICTORIA is located in the county of Grecia, in the province of Alajuela in Costa Rica, about 55km northwest from the capital of San José. The cooperative was founded on a belief in improving the wellbeing and livelihoods of their members, their community, and the environment through agricultural, industrial, and commercial activities.


“For our cooperative, Fair Trade is a way of life, which demonstrates our efforts to strengthen the small producer agriculture, and our environmental and societal responsibilities. The Fair Trade logo on a package of coffee represents the efforts of thousands of producers benefitting their families by improving their production practices and compliance with social and environmental standards.”  

Bernal Valverde Fallas, Fair Trade Coordinator


Farmer Finances

COOPEVICTORIA uses the premium to pay members an additional amount when they bring their coffee to the cooperative. This incentivizes farmers to keep producing high quality coffee.

Productivity & Quality

In order to increase soil fertility, COOPEVICTORIA invests in distributing natural minerals for members to apply on farm, which helps to increase productivity.

Producer Organizations

Part of being a successful cooperative is continuously accessing new markets. COOPEVICTORIA has invested in researching new markets to which they could potentially export their coffee.


Thanks to the Fair Trade premium, community institutions are able to receive financial assistance, such as schools, sports centers, and environmental agencies. COOPEVICTORIA also supports the cooperative’s workers’ committee so that they can access preventive health, training, and recreational activities.