Producer Profiles

COOPETARRAZU - Cooperativa Caficultores y Servicios Tarrazu

COOPETARRAZU (Cooperativa de Caficultores y Servicios Múltiples de Tarrazú) is a coffee cooperative located in the central region of the San Marcos de Tarrazú Mountains. COOPETARRAZU is the vanguard of environmentally-sound practices for coffee production. In 2006, the cooperative established the Coffee Culture Quality of Life Sustainability Plan to track their environmental impact, implement better practices and create a culture of environmental respect among members and children. Through this plan, COOPETARRAZU provides free soil analyses to its members, showing producers the impact topography and surrounding ecosystems have on their soil. Producers in turn learn to adjust their practices according to their specific soil needs. Community youth participate by conducting environmental impact research and developing educational programs based on the tracking of birds and insect populations, learning about the important role these species play in coffee production and ecosystem maintenance.


“Fair Trade allows us to not only to receive a minimum price and premium, but also to improve the basic living and health conditions of our members and workers.”  



Productivity & Quality

For members of COOPETARRAZU, technical assistance is inextricably linked to increased productivity. COOPETARRAZU conducted 50 trainings with 2,500 participants on topics covering agronomy, climate, and best practices for health and occupational safety. Additionally, COOPETARRAZU distributes organic fertilizer to improve members’ soil health.


Thanks to the Fair Trade premium, migrant workers that come to COOPETARRAZU from all over Costa Rica have a safe, hygienic place to stay while working during the harvest. Workers receive meals as well as part of this benefit.

Farmer Finances

In order to be competitive among local buyers, COOPETARRAZU members have deemed it necessary to designate a portion of the premium as a second payment, so that members earn more for their hard work.