Producer Profiles

Cooperativa Norandino (Formerly CEPICAFE)

Operational planning
Family with improved bamboo housing
Producer working on his land
Formerly known as CEPICAFE or the Central Piurana de Cafetaleros, Cooperativa Norandino is an association of 90 small-scale coffee cooperatives formed in 1995 in the Piura region of northwestern Peru. Before becoming Fair Trade Certified in 1996, local farmers sold their coffee to local intermediaries at extremely low prices, causing many farmers to leave the region in search of additional work.

This organization of cooperatives aims to improve the quality of life of coffee-growing families and is an important contributor to the sustainable development of the region. It became Fair Trade Certified in order to access international markets on a level where farmers would be paid fairly for their product. Cooperativa Norandino prides itself in the direct level of participation and autonomy that its members hold in decisions involving the organization.


Savings Reserve

Norandino has encouraged members to create a savings fund with the premium earnings, managed by the cooperative. In 2014, 2,500 members saved 10 soles per quintal of coffee delivered to the cooperative. In the two years that this project has been implemented, members have saved $321,017. Norandino believes this helps members feel that they are a part of the cooperative.

Machinery and Maintenance

Norandino invested $50,000 in improving the coffee processing plant.

Credit Fund

Producers that were advanced money for the 2013 harvest season were able to cancel their debts with $71,874 of the premium.