Producer Profiles

Cooperativa de Caficultores de Anserma

Anserma producers installing water treatment systems to filter waste. This prevents harmful toxins from seeping the soil.
Small coffee producers from Anserma, Colombia formed the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Anserma to improve the production and quality processes on their farms, and continue providing and promoting their unique coffee to local and international markets.

Anserma is located in the western Andes region of Colombia. For a greater part of the population here, growing coffee constitutes their first source of income. Besides ideal climate and soil conditions, manual coffee picking processes allow Anserma farmers to produce the best quality coffee in harmony with nature. Their coffee tends to be medium bodied with hints of juicy acidic notes, and an array of sweet and floral flavors.


Thanks to Fair Trade, producers have become conscious of the importance of maintaining an excellent quality.  

Jhon F Arias Ortiz, Specialty Coffee Coordinator

Producers are now aware that the safe management of agrochemicals will improve their health, that of the larger community, and the land worked on.  

Jhon F. Arias Ortiz, Specialty Coffee Coordinator


Land Erosion Control and Prevention

Anserma agronomists identify areas prone to erosion through internal inspections and create specialized soil management plans to maintain healthy and fertile farms.

Machinery and Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures all coffee driers and processing equipment are kept in prime condition.