Producer Profiles

Cooperativa Agraria de Servicios Múltiples El Milagro

CAC El Milagro was formed in 1983 with 30 small farmers. The group is located near the city of Cajamarca in the “zona alta,” or “high zone,” of central Peru. The group had a rough start due to the country’s political turmoil and violence of the 1980’s and 1990’s. But in 2005, the group formally reorganized around its main objective – the economic empowerment of farmers. Their strategy is aimed at producing a high-quality product marketable and profitable for specialty coffee industries around the world. By increasing their product quality and maintaining organic production practices, the group hopes to earn a better price for their coffee and in return, a better standard of life for their families. The cooperative became Fair Trade certified in 2007 and prides itself on its political, religious and social neutrality.


Access to Drying Facilities and Processing Stations

El Milagro has invested $5,600 in new drying facilities for its members, allowing its members to receive a better price for their coffee, due to the improved quality of their product.

Crop Soil Analysis and Fertilization

Following each harvest soil analysis are executed across all farms. The results of these tests allow for detailed fertilization on the basis of actual nutrient requirements. El Milagro has invested $6,600 in plant and soil analysis and recognized the need to replenish soil nutrients with the use of fertilizers and to maintain the coffee crop through good management practices.