Producer Profiles

Coope Atenas R.L.

COOPEATENAS is located in the province of Alajuela, not far from the capital San José, in Costa Rica. The cooperative was founded in 1969 by 92 producers, motivated by the idea of no longer having to bring their coffee to Palmares to process, avoiding both additional costs and time for transport.


Farmer Finances

COOPEATENAS created a revolving fund so that producers could borrow when they needed to repair and maintain coffee processing equipment. COOPEATENAS was also able to offer members a second payment to further compensate members for their coffee.

Producer Organizations

COOPEATANES invested the premium in assisting the workers’ committee, as well as associated costs for field visit trainings on production methods.

Productivity & Quality

COOPEATENAS invested the premium in agricultural inputs including fertilizers and new coffee varieties, to better respond to soil acidity and rust. 500 members were trained on best practices to increase productivity and profit margins.