Producer Profiles

COOPCAFER - Cooperativa Departamental Caficultores Risaralda

COOPCAFER is a worker-owned and administered coffee organization in Colombia. It was formed to collectively produce and distribute goods and services for its coffee associates and the communities in which they operate. Their mission is to guarantee the commercialization of coffee at a just price and offer complementary social development programs to their members. Having gone through many changes, in structure and names since the late 1950’s, COOPCAFER came into its current form in 1994. Today, an estimated 3,274 people are members of the organization, with 17 offices and 16 shops located throughout the department of Risaralda, Colombia.


“For our cooperative, Fair Trade serves as a market guarantee, so that we can be confident that we can sell our members’ coffee at a higher price, and a premium to invest in social projects that help our members and their families have a great sense of belonging to COOPCAFER.”  

Gustavo Andrés Gómez, GENERAL MANAGER


Productivity & Quality

Through COOPCAFER’s effort to constantly improve coffee quality, their members are incentivized by ultimately being economically rewarded for their efforts. COOPCAFER members voted in 2015 to invest the premium in community seedling nurseries, milling infrastructure upgrades, and purchasing fertilizer.


Besides investing in social and coffee production needs, COOPCAFER also promotes sustainable environmental practices. The coop used the premium to distribute shade trees, to train on safe handling of agrochemicals, the use of proper protective equipment, and basic sanitation & hygiene.

COOPCAFER created a social fund with the premium that helps subsidize university education costs, costs associated with the loss of members’ family members, and life insurance. With these investments, COOPCAFER seeks to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of their members and their families.