Producer Profiles

COOPCAFER - Cooperativa Departamental Caficultores Risaralda

COOPCAFER is a worker-owned and administered coffee organization in Colombia. It was formed to collectively produce and distribute goods and services for its coffee associates and the communities in which they operate. Their mission is to guarantee the commercialization of coffee at a just price and offer complementary social development programs to their members. Having gone through many changes, in structure and names since the late 1950’s, COOPCAFER came into its current form in 1994. Today, an estimated 3,274 people are members of the organization, with 17 offices and 16 shops located throughout the department of Risaralda, Colombia.


I'm very grateful with the cooperative and Fair Trade USA, because thanks to them I'm not contaminating the environment with the waters that come from my wet mill.  

William Andrés Serna, member since 2006


Providing Basic Sanitation through Water

In the year 2013, a majority of Fair Trade USA’s premium funded the delivery and installation of tanks for the treatment of contaminates generated during the production of coffee. This system helps avoid other crops in the area from becoming damaged. So far, this program has benefitted 113 producer members.

Coffe Production Improvements

COOPCAFER has invested in additional farming inputs, better washing areas, and improved infrastructure. This project has reduced defects of 200 partners that did not have adequate wet milling facilities and contributed to productivity and quality increases.

Healthcare for All

Fair Trade premium funds were also used towards increasing basic healthcare in the County of Risaralda. So far, this project has benefit a total of 2145 patients- including producer members and their family members in all areas of health- general medicine, optometrists, and dentists.