Producer Profiles

COOPARM - Productores Agropecuarios Rodriguez de Mendoza

Cooperativa de Productores Agropecuarios Rodriguez de Mendoza (COOPARM) is a coffee cooperative located in the Amazon region of northeastern Peru with its central office in the town of Mendoza. COOPARM was founded in 1990 by a small group of coffee farmers who hoped to achieve a higher standard of living by working together to attain higher prices for their crop and more direct access into local and international markets. The cooperative became Fair Trade Certified TM in 1998 to help meet these goals.


The Fair Trade premium has been very important to me. It has allowed me to buy additional land and afford an education for my daughter. I was also able to put a roof on my new house. Before, my wife, my daughter and my in-laws lived in a very rudimentary little house. Things have changed. I am very happy to be a part of COOPARM.  

Andres Lopez Gomez


Road and Transportation Improvements

COOPARM used portions of the Fair Trade premium to improve local roads, especially in rural areas where government services often are slow or nonexistent. Health care, for example, is only possible through community efforts and private funding.

New School Equipment

COOPARM supports education by providing new computers and supplies to local schools. In some cases, they have helped fund and construct new classrooms.

Pre-Harvest Credit for Members

Fair Trade premiums are used to provide pre-harvest credit to all members.

Subsidized Medical Care

The cooperative established an emergency relief fund for members’ medical care. In 2006, COOPARM came to an agreement with the National Department of Health to subsidize medical examinations for its members. Members pay only 30 percent of the total cost and COOPARM pays the rest. Many services, including x-rays and blood tests, are covered during examinations.