Producer Profiles

COOPAGA - Coopérative Agricole de Gabiadji

The Cooperative Agricole de Gabiadji (COOPAGA) was founded in September 1999 in the department of Haut Sassandra, one of several cocoa growing regions in Cote d’Ivoire or the Ivory Coast. COOPAGA has over 2,300 members and is led by a Board of Directors made up of nine members. COOPAGA is also divided into seven sections each of which is run by a selection of delegates to allow the cooperative to run most efficiently. Its production capacity is an estimated 9,000 tons annually. This makes it the leading cooperative in the southwest region.


With Fair Trade, we now feel it is possible to take action and address our desire to reduce poverty in our rural region.  

Edmond Konan


A Community Bank

Members can open a savings account at the community bank, which the cooperative founded in 2007. Access to savings and education about financial stability helps farmers in rural areas save money for crises or for their children.

Women's Office and Programs

A Women's Office has been created to help 150 women sell food crops, start small businesses and repair rural roads.

Free Health Clinic

A health center was built to offer free medical services to its members.