Producer Profiles

COOFACI - Agricultores Familiares do Território do Caparaó

Cooperativa dos Agricultores Familiares do Território do Caparaó (COOFACI) was founded in 1994 by six rural associations in the towns of Lupa and Irupu in Caparaó, Brazil. The organization aims to provide affiliated associations with financial security, product promotion, sustainable development programs and access to new markets and commercial partners by increasing product value and quality, thus improving the livelihoods of producers and their families. COOFACI today is composed of 25 member associations with an estimated 900 producers, most of which operate small farms committed to Fair Trade standards.


New Office and Store Construction

COOFACI voted to invest Fair Trade premium funds in the construction of a new office and community store.

New Technologies and Technicians Hired

The cooperative constructed a computer lab for one of COOFACI's elected affiliated associations and purchased two depulping machines for two other affiliates. With Fair Trade premium funds, COOFACI was able to hire four technicians to tend to the maintenance of their newly acquired technical equipment.

Consultants for Financial Improvements

COOFACI hired a consultant for three months to reform the organization's financial system. The consultant taught members how to use Excel spreadsheets and other finance related resouces.